Opilio Executive offers customised, integrated, research-based executive search and leadership services, within the digital sector.

Based in London, we are a professional team with the experience and judgement to assist with the senior leadership needs of your organisation.

We search, engage and select qualified individuals to match your executive and management needs.

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Permanent Executive Search

With over two decades of real life board level experience our team are seriously connected, which means we can deliver a fast and efficient service to our clients.

We operate on an exclusive, client centered basis and work on a limited number of assignments at any time.

We are engaged in all aspects of the process from defining the search, securing candidates with diverse backgrounds, who may not be actively seeking a new position, through to candidate integration.

We are involved throughout the hiring process, conducting detailed interviews and only presenting candidates to you when we were confident that they could be seamlessly embedded into your organisations culture.

We would operate with the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality.

Interim Management

Interim Executives are sometimes brought into organisations to work with the top management team for various reasons. Often, they have run a similar business and now choose to base their career as a strategic adviser or have worked for a big consultancy firm and are looking to utilise the skills and processes learned on an interim basis.

One advantage of an Interim Executive may be to rapidly assess your requirements and develop a solution without the high costs associated with appointing a consultancy firm. Interim Executives can also be used to cover absences among your key Executive staff or deliver a specific project that can then be delivered by the existing team. 

We understand that with Interim Management clients are looking for a rapid turnaround where time is critical. We can deliver a shortlist within a week by leveraging our established network to quickly find the right candidate to deliver your project.

Talent Management

Building the right team is vital. Ensuring those people are going to deliver for the longer term can be even more challenging especially with the exponential changes that happen in the digital market. One way to make sure you have the right team in place for the short and long term is to let us work with you to undertake a current state assessment of your team and help identify any areas requiring strengthening. We can then begin a strategic approach to ensure you recruit the right candidates to meet your future needs.

We have extensive experience in facilitating client team-building in the digital world and can help clients develop successful teams. We can also work with you to advise on the development, creation and articulation of management and leadership and coaching programmes.

Philip Shepherd

Philip Shepherd


To discuss your requirements call Philip on 0207 183 7145, email at philip.shepherd@opilio.co.uk or



We would be involved throughout the hiring process, conducting detailed interviews and presenting candidates to you, when we felt that the shortlist would t into the culture of your company. We would operate with the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality.

Preparation and Planning

Preparation and Planning

We begin by understanding your business strategy around the hire and unique challenges around the role. We work with our clients on complying the skills, knowledge and experience required, offering insights and a different perspective. We are not afraid to challenge assumptions and present alternatives solutions. We are then able to develop a tailored role and candidate specification, highlighting the key competencies required as well as the culture and values of your organisation. This stage is vital to ensure candidates can ascertain why this would be the right move in their career.

Selection Strategy

Selection Strategy

Our strength lies in our personal network and contacts, which has been developed and nurtured over two decades. Furthermore, we conduct target research into companies to find those with relevant skill-sets and qualifications. At this stage, it is vital that the market is targeted appropriately to ensure the highlighted audience has been reached. We develop a long list of individuals best qualified for the role. We are in a privileged position to be able to tap into our network, to get references and to qualify the inclusion of individuals in our long list.

Evaluate Individuals

Shortlist Individuals

Identify those individuals with the potential to perform in the role based on relevant breadth and depth of experience, record of achievements and credentials.

Capability Assessment

Identify those individuals with the right approach to succeed in the role and with potential for future leadership challenges.


Conduct rigorous competency-based interview based on proven skills, knowledge, abilities and aptitude.

Insights Personality Profiling

Allows us to more accurately predict the styles and behaviours of the individual. Therefore, our placements are more likely to succeed in the role.

Competency Assessment

Everyone in the shortlist will be screened against the following competency assessments:

Leads strategically with vision
Navigates complex and ambiguous environments
Engages with ideas and innovation
Leads change with agility

Leads strategically with vision

Communicates a clear and compelling vision for the organisation

Is future-orientated in analysis, thought and action

Commits the organisation to customer service in its vision, strategies and culture

Articulates and drives the implementation of strategies

Navigates complex and ambiguous environments

Makes decisions in complex environments

Works with other executives and stakeholders

Accurately reads situation, including key power relationships

Understands 'hot button' areas of sensitivity and risk

Engages with ideas and innovation

Open to new ideas and ways of thinking

Actively seeks out alternative ways to deliver cost effective services

Exercises judgment in deciding which ideas work

Builds a climate that is creative and committed to improvement

Leads change with agility

Anticipates changes in the strategic environment

Adapts leadership approach to reflect individual needs

Adopts a planned and comprehensive approach

Quickly understands the implications of new information and developments



We will present a detailed candidate report which summarises the individual’s education, career history and record of achievements. We also include a detailed appraisal of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses reported by the Insights Personality Profiling System.

The Insights System is built around the model of personality and preferences which offers a framework for self-understanding and development. Looking at both strengths and weaknesses enabling individuals to better respond to the demands of their environment and assist in developing effective strategies.

The report includes compensation requirements to secure the candidate.

Executive feedback and coaching

Executive feedback and coaching

Trust is paramount and we consider the quality of our individuals with the utmost seriousness. We understand that management and executive hiring requires an investment of both time and money, therefore we utilise our trusted network and connections to thoroughly vet the preferred candidate. We assist in negotiations over compensation / package.

We communicate regularly with both parties and keep things on track. We will conduct a client and candidate satisfaction survey. We believe it does not stop there so we periodically follow up with you and the preferred candidate, checking on the placement fit with the you and your organisations culture. We can also offer an Executive Coaching package which covers the first 6 months of placement of the candidate to ensure they are properly embedded into the organisation. Many of our clients find this useful and all our packages are specific and bespoke.

The Opilio Executive difference

The Opilio Executive difference

As a niche leader in digital executive recruitment, we have conducted multiple searches across this sector. Our seasoned professionals know how to enhance the process and what to avoid. We rely on insights and analysis coupled with a common-sense approach of knowing we are in the people business. Organisations count on us to deliver, we seek and secure the best candidates because we know it is the most powerful business decision your organisation will make.

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