Executive and leadership services

Opilio Executive offers customised, integrated, research-based executive search and leadership services, within the digital sector. We search, engage and select qualified individuals to match your executive and management needs.

Roles we recruit for

CEO Appointments


Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, Board Director, Chief Operating Officer, Group Director.
Chief Financial Officer, Head of Finance, Finance Director, Group Finance Director, Finance & Resources Director.
CMO, Director of Communications, Director of PR, Director of Marketing, Head of Brand, Director of Sponsorship.
Creative Services Director, Creative Director, Head of Design, Director of Design, Head of Creative Services.
Sales Director, Director of New Business, Head of Sales, Head of Account Management, Vice President of Sales.
IT Director, Technical Director, Chief Technology Officer, Director of IT and Digital Director, Head of Engineering.
Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Privacy Officer.
HR Appointments


Director of Human Resources, Chief Human Resources Officer, Global Director of Human Resources, Director of Talent, HR Director.
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